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Film // The Lady Of Cranseley Hall

Cue //  Full Movie


A Short Promo film following the tale of a Lady of a mansion struggling to piece together where she is or what has happened to her, until she comes to a harrowing realisation.. Directed by Nick Allsop



This cue accompanied the main character's search for her memories after a traumatic expereince with the occult. The film is a stylised portrait of a girl who gets caught up in the occult and tries to find her way out, set in the 70's with a highly era-specific score and pastiche tracks. Directed by Robin Kershaw



Film // 1978

Cue // Amnesia


Film // Sleep Tight My Baby

Cue // Danse Macabre


This was a one-shot short movie which won a couple of festival awards and this cue was designed to create a discord between the girl's fantasies of a happy family life and the reality that she had just been driven to drown her baby. Harrowing stuff but really nicely pulled off by the director, Pan_Su Kim.


Film // Senses - Jerry

Cue // Love or Sex?


From the film 'Senses' and the section 'Jerry'. Senses is a portmaneau feature made up of five short films about each of the senses. 'Jerry', representing Smell, tells the story of an awkward, self-critical New Yorker trying to find love and get past his underwear and superhero costume fetish! Based around flashbacks to his childhood in the 50's, the score is a mixture of Jazz and 50's pop. In this cue, Jerry finally finds his perfect woman and his inner child fantasies are fulfilled alongside his adult ones. Directed by Jon Marsala.

Part of a short film where a man is writing a letter to his long lost son, here he is reminiscing about their time together..

Film // Letter to An unknown Son

Cue // Dear Son..


Film // A Gun Under My Pillow

Cue // Michael's Poem


Documentary made for Channel 4 about Gun Crime, centred on three reformed criminals, an ex-armed thief, an ex-bank robber and an ex-gangster.Directed by Ben Foakes. 

This film was created by The New Producer's Alliance to showcase their member's work.

Film // NPA Promo

Cue // (Full Clip)


Film // IBM - Corporate Showreel

Cue // (Full Clip)


One of many corporate showreel videos made for IBM to showcase their ongoing work.

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